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Natural Wonders

The beauty of our natural world never ceases to amaze all of us at Footloose. We are lucky to be able to plan trips that allow our clients to view some of the most stunning natural wonders the world has to offer. From lakes and mountains to falls and parks, the choice is vast with the biggest challenge being where to go and how.

It really is a matter of planes, trains, automobiles and ships in terms of how you choose to travel to encounter the natural world. Once you are at your destination, another world of options is open to you for getting out to view the area from helicopters and horses to bicycles and balloons or you could try just plain old walking! The choice of experience is varied and includes the Northern Lights, star gazing, volcanoes, falls, rivers, lakes and mountains. Natural wonder holidays can be taken at a leisurely pace or can be more active.

The countries that we offer for natural wonder experiences include Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Spitsbergen, Sweden, USA, Morocco, New Zealand, Australia, Jordan, Venezuela, Argentina, Tanzania, Nepal, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, India, Africa, Costa Rica, Italy, Madagascar, South America, The Galapagos, Brazil, India, Africa, China, Taiwan, Burma, Vietnam and Cambodia.

The operators that we work with to provide these holidays include Audley TravelCox & KingsExodus, ExploreExplorers Astronomy Tours, Hurtigruten, Intrepid, KE Adventures, Journey Latin America, Silversea and Wendy Wu.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in finding out about the wide range of natural wonder holidays we can arrange for you plus the different accommodation and travel options available.

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