The Bushrover Migration Camp

When a dazzling array of wildlife isn’t enough, it’s possible to make a safari of a lifetime all the more memorable and unique in a Bush Rover Suite.

The Bush Rover Suites are full working Land Rovers that unfold out into fantastic safari accommodation with superb elevation affording the best views.

From the beautiful elevated bedroom with its balcony looking out to the wilderness, to the wood panelled bathroom, no screw has been left unturned to smooth your outdoor living. You will have the modern comforts of solar powered hot water, lights and power sockets to recharge your batteries. What more could you want?

​Most importantly, unlike fixed camps and lodges, the Bush Rovers move to the right places to provide the safari of a lifetime, to experience splendid isolation in total comfort – a SUMPTUOUS FEAST FOR THE SOUL. When the wildebeest migrate, so do we. The camp folds up and moves to the next exciting area within the Serengeti destination leaving no trace of human footprint.



We set up a Bush Rover seasonal camp in three stunning private sites in Serengeti in the heart of the great wildebeest migration with just 5 Bush Rover suites and a lovely dining mess tent.  From mid May to mid July our Bush Rover camp is on the Grumeti river, in the western corridor of the Serengeti. From here it moves to a stunning site right on the Mara river in the far north of Serengeti close to a wildebeest crossing point but away from the crowds where it remains until the end of October.  In December, the camp follows the wildebeest down to the south east of Serengeti to Kusini  and stays here until late March.  Our goal is to be right in the heart of the best wildlife activity but away from the crowds.