Everything You Need to Know About The Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti is a name that conjures up images pulled from the heart and soul of the African continent: stampeding wildebeest, great open plains and the quintessential African safari...
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Everything You Need to Know About Saadani National Park

Saadani National Park is one of Tanzania’s most unique conservation areas, because this is where the great plains of Africa collide with the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean...
Selous landscape

Everything You Need to Know About Selous Game Reserve

The size of Switzerland, the Selous Game Reserve is home to one of the most significant concentrations of elephant and lion on the continent. It has an exceptionally high variety of habitats including woodland, grassland and swamps.…

Everything You Need to Know About Tanzania's National Parks

No other African country can match the range and density of wildlife Tanzania has to offer. Add to this, three of the largest lakes in the world, stunning mountains, some famous, some less so, and both fresh and saltwater aquatic riches and you begin to build a picture of Mother Nature’s dream…

24 Unforgettable Things to Do in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the great holiday destinations. Had it stayed allied to the West at independence 57 years ago, it would probably be the most visited country in Africa, such is the diversity of what’s on offer…